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Mission trip to Mombasa
(Kenya February/March 2018)
Visiting familiar places
(Estonia, August 2016)
One Trip, two countries
(Kenya/Tanzania, March 2017)
"And the isles shall wait on his law"
(Philippines, October/November 2015)
The conference that changed many lives (Philippines, April 2016)
"Go out to the roads"
(Kenya, May 2015)
Time of visitation in Panabo City
(Philippines, April 2015)
(Philippines, August 2013) 
The gospel is advancing in Pakistan
(Pakistan, December 2012)
"An open door"
(Philippines, April 2012)
Jabonga Salvation Explosion
(Philippines, February 2012)
A new time in Kikuu
(Kenya, November 2011)
Kingdom shaken by the gospel
(Nigeria, March 2007)
A historical conference
(Nigeria, February 2007)
370 received Christ!
(Philippines, May 2006)
People reached with the gospel for the first time
(Philippines, 2006)

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