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Since our first trip to Estonia in 1991 we have had about 70 trips there, preaching the gospel of Christ and providing aid. Estonia has a dark history of occupation and oppression. After being absent for four years it was now time for Ingebrigt and Bjørg to visit again. The purpose of our trip was to visit five churches we had visited earlier, and share with them what God had put on our hearts. It became a joyous trip, and a time of visitation for the churches in the five different cities. In one of the meetings thirteen people received Christ, and several apostates came back to Him in another one. In a third meeting most of the attendants repented from things in their lives.

13 people came forward to accept Christ as their saviour

The number of attendants in the meetings varied. In one of them only seven women, most of them in a high age, were present, but Jesus said; “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32 NKJV). The Pastor of this church had thoughts of giving up, but was powerfully met with the message and a prophetic word. The old women were also touched, they loudly praised the Lord, embraced one another, and hardly wanted to leave when the meeting was over. This little church got a visit and an encouragement from the Lord! Jesus is so good, and he cares for his flock.

We experienced several healings. A woman in her forties was suffering from a back injury after she fell of a horse at the age of fourteen. We met with her on monday and prayed for her back. On saturday, after we had returned home, we got a message saying she was healed! Another woman, also with a back pain, had decided not to attend the meeting because of the pain. However, she felt urged to go, and eventually she did. When receiving intercession she raised her hands at once and praised God. The pain had disappeared, and she was healed! She was full of joy and gratitude. One person was also healed from impaired hearing, immediately after being prayed for her ears popped open, and her hearing was normal.

This woman shared her testimony of being healed in an instant when prayed for, from pain in her back. She had initially decided not to attend the meeting, but she felt urged to go.


This woman wanted prayer because of impaired hearing. As she was prayed for her ears popped open, and she could hear normally.

During our stay in Estonia we heard testimonies of the fruit of our previous work there. At one location, an elderly woman approached me and asked if I remembered her. She told me about the time she was going shopping in the city of Narva, and she heard singing and music in the streets. This was quite unusual, so she stopped to listen. When the singing and the music was over, she heard the gospel being preached, and when the invitation to salvation was given she walked forward and received Jesus. This took place 21 years ago while we evangelized in the streets of Narva. Another one told us she was saved in a meeting we held 14 years ago. Another yet, got saved and is today a missionary in Russia, where she has planted a church with her husband. A young lady said she was saved during Ingebrigt´s last trip to Estonia, and that she prays for him everyday.

It was good to be back in Estonia. We know the Lord has used us in this nation, and it is good to meet old friends and to meet those who have been saved because of our work. We give all the glory to our God!

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