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The gospel is advancing in Pakistan

In December 2012 Ingebrigt Hoset visited the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for the first time. The purpose of the trip was to have evangelical campaigns in places where the gospel of Jesus had never been preached before. A local pastor in the city of Sialkot, Punjab, who have contacts in Norway, was our host and the one responsible for the program. The program would change the lives and eternity for many Pakistanis. About 730 Muslims ! surrendered their lives and received Jesus as Lord. Three new churches were started, and Jesus confirmed his word with mighty miracles and healings.


Ingebrigt Hoset is welcomed to Pakistan by the Christian leaders.

The protection

During the stay in this Islamic republic, Ingebrigt had armed bodyguards to ensure his safety during the meetings, and protection from violent Islamists. They also used a body scan to make sure no one brought weapons to the meetings. This was a brand new experience for Ingebrigt. He would preferably not have bodyguards, but safety comes first.

Ingebrigt Hoset enters Crown Hall in Sialkot, surrounded by the bodyguards.

This picture was taken after the service in Crown Hall. The bodyguards wanted to make it clear that no one unwanted could get close to Ingebrigt. And no one did.

Hunger for the gospel

We started off with one meeting in Crown Hall, Sialkot, to reach the people in this city with the gospel of Jesus. This was a powerful meeting, and around 200 received Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Afterwards we prayed for the sick, and Jesus confirmed his Word by healing many.


People seeking salvation in Crown Hall, Sialkot.

After Sialkot we started what lies closest to Ingebrigt’s heart; to preach the gospel of Jesus in places where it has never before been preached. These villages had a handful of believers, but the gospel had not been preached to the inhabitants. In one of the villages, Abdali, there was only one Christian. 40 people got saved her, including eight from the Christian man’s family! It was a great hunger for the gospel in these unreached villages. People also traveled from other places to come and hear about Jesus.

In the village Ali Pur Chatha 250 received Jesus. In the picture Ingebrigt is praying for those who came forward to be saved.

The miracles

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever more. He cannot change, and he has said that he will confirm his Word when it is preached. And he does it in public. Here are some testimonies of what Jesus did.

Anamika was lame in both feet from birth. Her father brought her to the meeting in Ali Pur Chatha. After intercession the girl took her first steps ever!

Bar Masih had been blind for four years. A family member walked him forth to get prayed for, and in an instant he received sight, and was no longer in need of anyone to walk him.

The most powerful miracle occurred with these siblings, Sahar and Sahil, on six and seven years. They were both born deaf-and-dumb, and were brought to the meeting by their grandmother. The first voice they heard was Ingebrigt’s, after he had prayed for them. Their first words were “mommy”, “daddy” and “Jesus”! Notice the trust and joy in their faces!

Apart from the healings and miracles, many were set free from unclean spirits. They often manifested with high screams and inarticulate sounds. The woman in the picture had been possessed for nearly thirty years. No one had been capable of helping her. Now, she was delivered and set in complete liberty. Afterwards she called upon the name of Jesus and got saved.

On our last meeting in the village of Sowwali a Muslim woman brought us her two year old son. He was lame in his left foot. One day he had said to his mother “If someone would pray for me, I will walk”. The Spirit of God talked through him, and so his mother brought him to the meeting where he was prayed for.

Besides these miracles, the people testified of many healings. On the first meeting Ingebrigt prayed for an elderly woman with tumors on her neck, and some days later she told from the platform that they were completely gone. She was so glad, and those who heard her testimony clapped their hands and loudly praised God. If all the testimonies were to be written in this report, it would take a long time both to write them down, and to read them.

The hospitality

The hospitality during the stay in Pakistan was great, and Ingebrigt was several times invited home to fellow believers for lunch, dinner or coffee. There were poor living conditions, but their hearts were big and the food was good. In every home Ingebrigt went, God performed something special. In seven of the homes people got saved, all together thirty two people! People were also healed, and delivered from unclean spirits. A woman who was blind on her right eye recovered sight. An other woman was hurt in an accident while rigging for one of the meetings. She stood too close a speaker, and it fell over her, hurting her head, arm and back. She was prayed for, and just as Ingebrigt said “Amen!” she arose from bed, healed!

Ingebrigt was given a gift at the last meeting, as a sign of gratitude for coming all the way from Norway to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard it before.

Closing words

Although the Islamic Republic of Pakistan often has been in the media’s spotlight because of violent Islamic extremism, Ingebrigt experienced a hunger for the gospel here. People were hungry to experience that Jesus is the same and does the same, today, as He did 2000 years ago. People came from afar to hear the preaching, and to be prayed for. The stories of what happened went all the way to Lahore, a three hour drive away, and to the capital Islamabad, a five hour drive away. By God’s grace Ingebrigt will go back to Pakistan.

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