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February 12th-18th 2007, Ingebrigt Hoset was the lead speaker at 20th Anniversary & International Convention, arranged by Shekinah Ministries International in Badagry in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Shekinah Ministries International was founded twenty years ago by Apostle J.M. Williams. Hi received a vision to reach all of Africa with the gospel, and through their work more than a million people, in nine west African countries, have given their lives to Jesus! This great work is not organized from Badagry by coincidence. The city used to be the number one envoy harbor to ship slaves to America and Caribbean, and now God uses it to send apostolic teams throughout Africa to free the captives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was therefore a great honour to be invited as the lead speaker of their annual anniversary conference. 

The theme of the conference was The Shekinah of God, which means the glory of God, and it became a powerful week where God met his people. People were renewed, healed, delivered and saved. At one of the meetings people left their seats and walked over to a brother or sister to ask for forgiveness and to reconcile, it was a powerful thing to watch. In another meeting, 45 people repented from lukewarmness. These men and women belonged to the church, they sang during worship, and they listened to the preaching. But they were like the five foolish virgins in Matthew 25:1-13, they did not know Jesus, and therefore they had to repent and receive oil to their lamps again. This was also a powerful sight. Apart from these, seven others repented. 

At the last meeting the apostle in charge of the work in Benin, the neighbor country, said “Those who have been here this week, and says that God has not touched you or spoken to you, you are a liar! Because we have all heard from God and met with God this week.” Apostle Williams said at the same meeting that this was the best conference they had ever had. All glory to God!

Three weeks after the conference Ingebrigt talked to Senior Pastor Emmanuell Oheve in Shekinah Badagry, who told him that they still received testimonies of what God had done during the conference.

People seeking God 

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The longest meeting lasted for seven hours, which was a bit too long for the youngest...


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