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Time of visitation in Panabo City

In April 2015 Ingebrigt Hoset preached in Panabo City. This city has a stable, warm climate and is known for its banana production. It goes by the name “The banana-republic of the Philippines”. The bananas produced here are exported to many countries, and has made sure that the city with its 200,000 inhabitants is in constant growth.
Ingebrigt was invited by a local church, to have the first crusade ever in the city. This was a time of visitation that would change the lives of many. The meetings were not characterized by a great number of people receiving Christ, but rather many personal needs were met. Sick were healed, people were delivered from evil spirits, marriages were restored, renegades came back to Jesus, and the Christians were renewed. About 85 people were saved, and the people were grateful to hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus.

The meetings

The meetings were held in two different basketball courts in Panabo City. The first was located in Joesel, New Visayas. Because of poverty, the authorities have moved people to Joesel from other parts of the Philippines to give them a fresh start. This place is known for being a residence for criminals, and is therefore not a place you would normally visit if you don’t have to. The local church, however, wanted to have a service for this people. Jesus also died for the people in Joesel, and he wants them to hear the gospel and come to faith in him.

Ingebrigt teaching some of the new believers in Joesel, New Visayas.

Our second location was in Felissa, New Visayas. At the left in the picture you see a married couple who called upon the name of Jesus to be saved. The man on the right was our interpreter, Pastor Erene Perez. After the meetings he expressed his gratitude for bringing the gospel and healing to the Philippines. His family and himself was blessed in a mighty way during our stay..

Before and after

The everyday life of these people was marked by their disease, they suffered and went through a pain only they knew. Jesus bore our suffering when hanging on the cross, and by his wounds we are healed (Isaiah 53). In The Great Commission, Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel, and that those who believe will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well (Mark 16). Following are stories to testify that Jesus is the great doctor!

Beth Vecera had for a long time suffered from great pain from her right hip and to her leg.

After she was prayed for the pain disappeared, she was so happy!

Ivy Lopera had tonsillitis. After intercession the pain disappeared and she could feel that she had recovered.

Ivy Loperas mother, Alma Lopera, had a stomach ulcer. After intercession all the pain disappeared.

Alma and Ivy Lopera came to the meeting after they heard there would be prayers for the sick. It was a meeting that would change their lives. They heard about Jesus, came to faith in him and got healed from their diseases.

Samuel Pamicpic was 67 years old and had a heart failure. His heart was so weak that he could only manage to say a few words at a time, and he could not leave his home, it was to tiring. We visited him in his house and prayed for him.

After intercession he felt that his heart disease had left him, and he kept on talking and talking without an effort, and without getting tired! He was so thankful to Jesus!

Closing words

After the meetings in Panabo City we traveled to the big city of Davao, where we had some non-traditional meetings. The rumors about what had happened had reached the big city, and we were invited to two offices to pray for people with different needs. They were unbelievers, but they wanted help in their situation. Ingebrigt took the opportunity to share the gospel with them, which led to the salvation of ten people! Afterwards he prayed for their personal needs, and they experienced healings, deliverance and prayers directly in their situation.

We did not spend many days in Panabo City and Davao, but it was enough for many to understand that this was a time of visitation, a time of salvation, healing and mighty works. Only some of the testimonies are included in this rapport. We give all the glory to Jesus!

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