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The conference that changed many lives

“Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready” (Revelation 19:7 NKJV)

A time of preparation

We live in the most exciting time since Jesus Christ walked the earth, a time that will end with the rapture. The rapture will take place, and those who belong to Christ, his bride, will have prepared themselves to leave the earth. The rapture, and the preparation for it, will be global. One sign that the wedding of the Lamb is drawing near, is that God will inspire his servants all over the world to prophesy, teach and preach of what is ahead. God wants people to surrender to him, and to prepare themselves to enter eternity as the bride of Christ.

In April 2016 Ingebrigt Hoset was invited as one of the speakers at March of Faith’s annual conference, at Bohol in the Philippines. 1400 delegates from their 400 churches attended the conference, as well as people from the local community. The conference lasted one powerful week, and one of the pastors said that this was the most memorable conference they had ever had. Day by day the attendants listened to the Word of God being preached, as Ingebrigt taught on the characteristics of the time before the rapture, and how to prepare oneself for it. The attendants listened, looked up the scriptures in their Bibles and took notes.

In the after meetings hundreds came forward to seek God, either for salvation, healing, surrender from sin, compromise and lukewarmness or to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Vi literally saw the power of God released over the congregation. God’s presence was tangible, and people poured out their hearts to Him. People were baptized with the Holy Spirit, healed and renewed in their encounter with God. Here are some pictures from the conference.

Many gave God right in their lives, and surrendered to Him.

The presence of God was so powerful that several people were unable to stand. To the right you see Ingebrigt praying for one of the attendants.

This woman had pain in both legs, and had difficulties walking. After intercession the pain disappeared, and she could walk normally.

New connections were also made. Bjørg and Ingebrigt Hoset with one of the other guest speakers, Tallat Mohamed from the US.

Closing Words

When we travel to the nations, we spend most of the time evangelizing. Our calling, however, is two-sided; to win people for Christ, and to build his church. In this trip people were both saved and enabled, and both is important. In the parable of the ten virgins, which is a picture of the church, Jesus says that five out of ten virgins were left behind when the bridegroom, Jesus, came for them. This means that 50 percent of those who think they are going to heaven will not go there! It is not our task to speculate on how many, or who, will go with Jesus in the rapture, but rather preach so that the world can prepare themselves to go with him. That is what we did on Bohol. The delegates brought the message back to their home churches around the Philippines, and in that way prepares Jesus’ bride for wedding.

A video from one of the meetings.

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