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And the isles shall wait for his law

The title for this report is based on Isaiah 42:4. In October and November 2015, Ingebrigt had his 12th trip to the Philippines. Both an evangelical campaign and a conference on the island of Bohol were on our agenda. Bohol is a remote island far from Norway, and this island is waiting on God to send someone to them with His Word to put their hope in, like written in Isaiah. It rests a great responsibility on us who believe in Christ, we are obliged to either go out and preach the gospel ourselves, or contribute to someone else going out with the good news.

The crusade consisted of five meetings on five smaller locations. The practical arrangements were conducted by March of Faith, a mission organization in Tagbilaran, Bohol. It became a prosperous trip. 239 people received Christ as Lord! As a result of the many saved, a new church was started.

The Philippines, with its 108 million inhabitants, has of a young population with an average age of 23,5 years. Many of the newly saved has their whole life in front of them. One of these, a sixteen-year-old girl, came over to Ingebrigt after one of the meetings and told him that this was her birthday, because today, she had been born again. With tears of joy running down her face she thanked Ingebrigt for visiting, and preaching what Jesus had done for her in order to save her.


It is not everyday you meet people of high age in a country where the life expectancy is 72,5 years. In one of the meetings we got to meet 82-year-old Nita. Someone had invited her to the meeting we held in her hometown. Nita got to hear the gospel, and when the invitation was given to the congregation, she came forward to receive Jesus. After calling upon the Saviour, she said she felt an indescribable joy and a certainty that she now belonged to God. 82 years and newly saved is not an everyday experience, but this was her time of visitation. God knows the heart of all men, He knows what we are like and He knows our longings. He knows Nita, and He had let her outlive the average age because He wanted her to hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus. In truth, the islands are waiting on the Word of God!

Nita, 82 years and newly saved, and Ingebrigt.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever more, and He does the same works. He saves, heals and delivers people from suffering and unclean spirits. In an evangelical campaign, the most important thing is to preach the gospel so that people can come to faith. When the preaching is done, we pray for the sick, and the Lord confirms his Word by healing. Following are a few testimonies from people who experienced that Jesus Christ is the same today as when He walked this earth. These testimonies are only a small part of what Christ did.

Loreto Betonio was severely sight impaired, and was almost blind. She came forward for prayer on our first meeting, this was on a Monday. After she had been prayed for we asked if she noticed any change with her eyesight. She did not, and was prayed for one more time. Still there was no change. Loreto was told that she had been prayed for in faith, and that Jesus would confirm His Word, and she believed this. Tuesday and Wednesday went by without any change, but when she opened her eyes on Thursday she could see perfectly normal! She joyously telephoned her family and friends, and told them what Jesus had done for her!

Loreto Betonio was severely sight impaired

Lordever Furog, a twenty nine year old, had a congenital heart disease that influenced his whole life. He had lived with a week body all of his life, where everything was an effort. Lordever was a Christian, and came forward to be prayed for. After intercession he was immediately changed. He felt the power of God through his body, and raised his hands and thanked Jesus, with a loud voice, for healing him. He then started jumping up and down, and running fast back and forth through the area, things he had never been able to do in the past! The other attendants in the meeting knew of Lordever, and witnessed the major change in him. They also thanked Jesus, applauded and shouted of joy as the young man kept running around.
Lordever Furog had a congenital heart disease. Jesus healed him in an instant!

A glad and changed Lordever is congratulated by a friend.

The conference

March of Faith with its 400 churches holds two annual conferences, one in April, the other in October/November. Ingebrigt was the speaker of this year's autumn conference. The preaching was broadcasted through radio, to hundred thousands of people on the islands of Luzon, Bohol, Negros and parts of Mindanao. We were told that both Christians and non-Christians listened to the radio programs. One woman had listened to the first broadcast, and felt such a strong anointing during the preaching, that she had to travel to attend the conference. She was not disappointed! God touched the leaders and delegates from the many churches in a powerful way, and they went home with theirs hearts on fire and with renewed faith.

Dr. Rufaina H. Trigo, the leader of March of Faith, and Ingebrigt.

As we said initially, this was Ingebrigt’s 12th trip to the Philippines. During these trips thousands have received Christ as their Saviour and Lord. 24 churches have been started. Leaders have received new faith and been enlightened. We look forward to the continuing.

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