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A new time in Kikuu

In November and December 2011 Ingebrigt Hoset was invited to Kenya, to preach on a crusade in a village called Kikuu in Kitumi District. Traveling with him was Sigbjørn Rønning, who preached and documented the trip with pictures. It turned out to be some powerful days, that changed a lot in Kikuu. While preparing for the trip home in Norway, Ingebrigt received a word from Matthew; “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:21, NKJV). This led to a eight-day fast as preparation for what would take place in Kikuu.

Kitumi District

Kikuu lies in eastern Kenya, and this village and district was known to be the greatest stronghold Satan had in Kenya. The witches and sorcerers her was widely known for their witchcraft and power, and people came from far away to receive their “help”. You could buy a healing from them, or a curse to get rid of your spouse, an annoying relative or someone else. The people in Kikuu lived in great poverty. They did not have access to electricity or water pipes, and the road leading to the village was nearly impassable. The people were poorly educated, and traditionally, the boys were trained to be shepherds or to do other male dominated jobs, while the girls were taught to take care of the home. First in 2007, the authorities in Nairobi decided that the children should attend school. There was no place for us to stay in Kikuu, so we stayed in the village of Zombe, a 25 minute drive from Kikuu. There was a darkness over Kikuu and this part of Kitumi District that had been there for centuries, and in this place we would have a crusade! 

The road leading to Kikuu was so-so...


From the moment Ingebrigt and Sigbjørn first entered the village, this trip was historical. They were the first white men ever to enter Kikuu, and Ingebrigt was the first white man to preach the gospel of Christ to them. The villagers, both young and adults, turned their heads to look at the white men entering.

Ingebrigt and a group of children outside the church in Kikuu. The children were sceptical towards the white men at first, but eventually they became “best friends”.

The church in Kikuu

The church was founded in 2003, as a result of a crusade held by a church in Nairobi. A man from Kikuu had moved to Nairobi, where he became a christian and attended a church. After some time he told his pastor about his home village, and how he wanted to reach the people there with the gospel. The church arranged a crusade, and after a lot of resistance the church was planted. This pastor in Nairobi is called Pastor Shadrach, and is Ingebrigt’s contact in Kenya. They wanted a larger breakthrough in Kikuu, and Ingebrigt was invited to join as a preacher.

Of the 70 members in the church around 80% of them were widows. Their late husbands had died in a young age, because of the evil and jealousy reigning in the area, as witches cursed them to death. When people became Christians they were excluded from their families, and could no longer rely on their help or support. The church then, became their new family, and the church owned a piece of land where they grew different vegetables which they shared amongst themselves. If you wanted to be a Christian in Kikuu you had to be it wholeheartedly, otherwise you would not survive.

Young as well as old rejoiced in the Lord during the praise and worship.

The meetings

The crusade in Kikuu took place in the local marketplace, and contained lots of praise and celebration. The Kenyans are fond of music and dancing, so people gathered around to pay attention to it. The meetings were held in the church building, and it got so crowded inside that many were left to stand on the outside. Eventually more people were on the outside than on the inside! It is a privilege to be allowed to preach the gospel of Jesus, and especially in a dark stronghold like Kikuu. The Word of God was victorious, people accepted Christ, and their lives and eternity were changed. All in all 111 people were saved during the five days of the crusade. The Christians in the church were renewed and encouraged, and the meetings were powerful with deliverances and many healings.

Ingebrigt Hoset praying for sick people.

Sigbjørn Rønning preaches. It was so crowded, the children had to sit behind the pulpit.

The breakthrough

During the third day of the crusade the breakthrough came. When the invitation was given to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, a man reached up his hand and came forward. As he walked to the front, the crowd turned quiet and paved the way for him. This man was a powerful sorcerer, and he had enchanted the people with his witchcraft and dark powers for a long time. This was an important repentance, as it demonstrated to the people that Jesus has greater power and might than the witches and sorcerers. His salvation also led to a great expectation for progress and revival, now that one of the strong opponents of the gospel had fallen. After we left Kikuu, the man who had been a sorcerer let the pastors burn all the equipment he had used to perform witchcraft. He also became a member of the church.

Ingebrigt Hoset og Pastor Shadrach praying for people at the crusade.

Closing words

There was a great joy in the church in Kikuu when we left it, and their prayers had been answered. Pastor Samuel told us they already made plans to build a new and larger church, as their venue had become too small! They also started to reach the other villages in the district with the gospel. After centuries in darkness, a door has now been opened to a large and fruitful harvest in Kitumi District. All glory to Jesus!!!

People in Kikuu rejoicing because of what Jesus did amongst them.

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