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One trip, two countries

Our first mission trip this year went to Kenya and Tanzania. When we travel to the nations, our mission is to win people for Jesus, and to build his church. We are not tourists, but on several occasions God has let us see tourist attractions that many pay large sums to see. We got invited to Tanzania by a church in Moshi, a city close to Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. From our hotel we looked straight at it, and the majestic snow covered mountain with its almost 5900 metres, was a welcoming sight while drinking morning coffee. This was God's goodness towards us. We had a blessed trip, and is thankful to God for all that He is, and does. 


Calvary Covenant Centre

Our hosts in Nairobi, Kenya, is Calvary Covenant Centre. This church was started by Jefferson Nyatuka with only a few members. Today they have grown to be more than 60 000 members in 150 churches spread throughout Kenya. All their churches are in growth, and their focus is on saving and discipling people.

Ingebrigt first met one of the pastors in their lead church back in 2014. The meeting only lasted for fifteen minutes, but would be the start of an important cooperation. The following year, in may 2015, Ingebrigt was invited to preach on their annual evangelical crusade. Teams from the church walked around in different districts of Nairobi, and talked to people about Jesus. There was great openness, and practically everyone we talked to wanted to give their lives to Jesus. More than a hundred got saved during these days. On our trip this year, we asked how these people had been, and they told us they were all members of the church and had kept their faith!

Mission 500

The church has called this year's evangelical program “Mission 500”. Their goal is to win at least 500 people, baptize them, include them in the church and make them disciples of Jesus. It is a wonderful goal. Together with one of the pastors, pastor John Alusiola, Bjørg and Ingebrigt visited places most people stay away from. The poverty is enormous, many are unemployed, and drug abuse, with all its negative consequences, is widespread. The streets are filled with waste, dust and emaciated dogs searching for their next meal. Jesus told us to preach the gospel to the poor, and that we did. These people, with the lowest social ranking, was given the most important; the Word of salvation and hope.

Our meetings were held on strategic places, such as street corners and other meeting points. We started off with songs and music, and people joined in - dancing and enjoying themselves. After a while the gospel of Christ was preached for 10-15 minutes, and then an invitation to salvation was given. Many came forward, including children. I, Ingebrigt, have previously not taken these children as seriously as elderly youth and adults, but I have been reminded on the words of Jesus “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of God” (Mark 10.14 NKJV). The change was visible in the children that received Jesus, they radiated and were filled with joy! Pastor Alusiola told us that the children that get saved on this kinds of meetings, later comes to church and is incorporated in it.

About 130 people were saved during the street meetings in Nairobi. They were all registered by name, and, if they owned a phone, by phone number. In the following days all the newly saved received a visit by members of the church, as part of their follow-up.

This is taken at one of the street meetings, where people quickly gathered when they heard the music, and started dancing. In the back you can see the little-less-rhythmic Bjørg and Ingebrigt.

Many children who lived in great poverty received Jesus. It was beautiful to see the change in them.


The morning after our arrival in Nairobi, we was invited to one of the churches in Calvary Covenant Centre, led by pastor Stanley. Sunday is their day of celebration, with one service early in the morning, and a second service following straight after. More than one thousand people attended each meeting to listen to the guest from Norway preach the Word of God. Ingebrigt preached on both services, and also on an evangelical meeting held later in the evening. Apart from the evangelization and meetings in “Mission 500”, Ingebrigt also preached in the lead church every day on their “Lunch Hour”-service. “Powerful” was a word used by many to the describe the message and the meeting. There was a great gratitude to the Lord.

Many came forward for repentance, renewal and intercession

Pastor Stanley's testimony

“We thank God for the three meetings Ingebrigt had in our church. It was powerful messages and revelations. We were blessed, and many will come to our church after the crusade. A single day of their visit made a difference to us. I love this fellowship, and would like to have them back.”

Senior Pastor Ben's testimony

“Thank God for this divine connection, and this divine visit. We are blessed by the preaching of the Word. Thank you for supporting us this week on our annual mission week. We are encouraged and stirred up. We in Calvary Covenant Centre see you as part of our family, and we look forward to having you here again. You need to come again, and preach in many churches is this region, they want you to visit them. From the bottom of our hearts, we have been blessed. I love the Spirit that is in you. I have enjoyed our fellowship.”


Manna Tabernacle Bible Church

Pastor Dickson, in Manna Tabernacle Bible Church, was our host in Moshi, Tanzania. Like the churches we visited in Nairobi, this church also has many outreach activities, including evangelization, orphanage homes, labor activity, work among prostitutes, and reaching youths in colleges and universities.

The church also has their own radio station, which has become very popular. They broadcast christian music and live preaching, and can reach between 1 and 2 million listeners, both on radio and online. After one radio program they receive tens of calls and 300-700 sms from people seeking salvation or wanting to be prayed for. They also get emails from listeners from many countries, both in Africa, Europe and North-America. Wonderfully, many of these responders are muslims, that call upon Jesus as their Lord in front of their computer or radio. Many muslims don’t attend meetings, but rather get saved in their homes. Bjørg and Ingebrigt participated in one radio program. Ingebrigt teached on seminars in the church every day, and this was all broadcasted on their radio station.

A woman seeking to be prayed for during one of the meetings had received Christ the previous night, while listening to radio. Her testimony is not unique. In another meeting, eight people living far from Moshi, had travelled to the meeting because they wanted to be saved. They had also listened to the radio station.

In Tanzania, as well as in Kenya, the word “powerful” was used by many to describe the meetings. And indeed, the meetings were powerful. People were saved, healed and delivered from evil spirits. After the meetings believers came and gave thanks, they had been renewed and received answers to different things that had troubled them. Apostates also returned to Christ.

These people lived outside of Moshi, and had traveled to the meeting to receive Jesus after listening to the radio

There were great joy after receiving Christ, both in the newly saved, and in the church

Pastor Dickson's testimony

“We have had a powerful week. Before you came, I knew this visit was not a coincidence, but God’s connection. We are transformed by the message, and taken to a new level of revelation. The church members very much appreciate what God has done. You are welcome back to Moshi, and if you want to preach in other cities in Tanzania, we and our cooperating churches will make the arrangements. The whole country lies open for you!”

We had a blessed and successful trip to Kenya and Tanzania. Around 150 people were saved and will be followed-up by the local churches. People were healed and delivered from evil spirits. Churches were renewed and encouraged. We met old friends, and made new ones, and enjoyed beautiful nature and Africa's wildlife.

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