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Jabonga Salvation Explosion

In February 2012 Ingebrigt Hoset and a team for Siloa Church travelled to Mindanao for an evangelical campaign named “Jabonga Salvation Explosion”. Jabonga is an district in the province of Agusan del Norte, and the purpose of the campaign was to reach the entire district with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The meetings were held in eight different “barangy”, (meaning “village”) in Jabonga, with one meeting in each barangy.

Siloa Church had been praying and fasting before this trip, to get the largest possible breakthrough. And breakthrough it was, this would be a time of visitation never seen in Jabonga District before.

Camilla Warmøy from Siloa prays for a lady. At the left, Christinalyn Cutamora, the interpreter.

Nathalie Hoset from Siloa prays for a man with sickness in his abdomen. In the back we see pastor Lillian Abanel, who interprets.

From 1 to 19 churches

Whenever Ingebrigt have campaigns to win people for Christ, he collaborates with local churches. The local church is responsible of taking care of the new believers. Where there is no existing local church, one of the goals of the campaign is to start one.

Our host in Jabonga District was pastor Bonifar Abanel in the Church “Bridge of Hope”. He told us that when Ingebrigt first visited in 2005 he had one church. During this visit he was prophesied and prayed for, which released something new. In the beginning of 2012 Abanel pastored 18 churches, many of them started as a result of our campaigns. The nineteenth church was started during Jabonga Salvation Explosion.

780 received Jesus

To be born again is the greatest experience a man can have. During the eight evangelical meetings we had, as many as 780 people called upon Christ for salvation. It is powerful to witness their change, as they walk from darkness to light. You can see the change in their eyes, because the eye is the lamp of the body. As the new believers stood in front of the podium, many lights lit up in this dark world.

One of the new believers told our chauffeur after the final meeting, that he could not describe what had happened inside of him. He felt such an indescribable peace and joy, he had never felt like this before. He was so grateful for receiving Jesus and having his sin forgiven. This man used to be an Adventist, and was one of the leaders in this village.

His testimony was not unique. Everyone we asked told us about the peace and joy that they had not felt before, but now had received after accepting Jesus as Lord. They were all so grateful. The oldest Ingebrigt talked to was a seventy-year-old women, who had lived a difficult live in poverty. After the meeting she sat down next to Ingebrigt, and told him how well she felt, now that she had become a child of God.

One of the meetings was for the youth. It became a very special meeting, where the presence of God was so tangible. 55 youngsters accepted Christ, many with tears streaming down their face. Pastor Lillian Abanel, the wife of Bonifar, said that we experienced the glory of God, both in the youth meeting and in the other ones, and indeed we did. Many people were saved and healed!

From the meeting in Barangy Libas. 180 called upon the name of Jesus after this meeting.

An answer to prayer

While travelling to the different villages in Jabonga we drove in two vehicles. The team from Siloa drove in a jeep, while the team from bridge of hope drove a truck loaded with instruments, speakers, chairs etc. The truck normally went some time before us, to organize the equipment. Our chauffeur did not know the way to Barangy Santa Niño, and therefore one of the youth from Bridge of Hope rode with us in the jeep, since this was his hometown. On our way home after the meeting, where 100 had received Jesus, Ingebrigt asked him if anyone in his family had been saved. With a smile on his mouth, he answered that more than ten of his family and relatives had been saved this night! He had been praying for them, and tonight he got his answer to prayer. 

God of miracles

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Because He is the same, He does the same. The numbers of people coming forward for intercession was so big, that the team from Siloa stood in three different places praying for the sick ones. Several hundred testified of healings in the after-meetings. Miracles also took place. One of them happened to six-year-old Mary Louise. She was born deaf, and in an instant she could hear! Her father, who had brought her, beamed with joy and gratitude for what Jesus had done for his daughter. Here follows some of the testimonies of the ones who got healed.

6 year old Mary Louise was born deaf. In an instant she was able to hear. She was so happy! Behind her is her father.

Lizel Wod Gandug was at once healed from headache, and pain in her back and shoulder. Her daughter Richel was immediately healed from a fever and the cough disappeared.

1000 kilo of rice

Many of the attendants on our meetings are poor and needy. We had therefore collected money back home earmarked to purchase rice for the poorest. After the meetings people lined up for a bag of rice, and what a transformation it had been in many of their lives when the evening came. They had been saved, healed and went to bed with a full stomach. Glory to God!

Members of Bridge of Hope distributing rice in Barangy Maraiguing

Closing word

Jabonga Salvation Explosion lived up to its name. Jabonga District had a time of visitation like never before. For the team from Siloa this leaves us wanting more. It is not everyday you are privileged to experience 780 receive Christ, hundreds healed and a new church started.

A door has been opened for us to the Philippines, and we will be back.

Camilla took this picture after the final meeting, of the team from Bridge of Hope together with Nathalie and Ingebrigt.

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