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“Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full” (Luke 14:23).

May 2015, Ingebrigt Hoset was invited to Nairobi, Kenya, by the church Calvary Covenant Centre. The church is founded by bishop Jefferson Nyatuka. They have 200 churches around Kenya, and more than 60.000 members. Our mission was to preach on a pastors- and leaders’ conference, teach in their church, and evangelize in the streets together with a team from the church. We are familiar with preaching in conferences and churches, as well as outdoor crusades and evangelical campaigns, but we are not well-acquainted with this kind of street evangelism. We teamed up two and two, and walked around in selected parts of the city in the morning, sharing the gospel with those we met. In the afternoon the teams gathered, and drove around in a truck loaded with powerful speakers, playing music and sharing testimonies and the Word of God. This was a successful way of reaching people, and more than one hundred received Jesus as their Saviour on the streets!

Here are some pictures of people we met

17-year old Levi Munene was one of the first Ingebrigt shared the gospel with this day. He listened and came to faith.

A grateful Levi after becoming a believer.

An angry, young man

For the street evangelism, Ingebrigt teamed up with pastor John Alusiola, one of the nine pastors in Calvary Covenant Centre. The first morning we prayed with eight people to salvation. The people were very open to the gospel. We met people with many different needs. One of them was Gideon, a young man in the early twenties. When he noticed Ingebrigt from a distance he started shouting “I am so angry!” while hastening toward us. When asked why he was angry, he replied that he was hungry and unemployed, and asked for money for a cup of tea. Ingebrigt did not carry any money, because of the location they were on, but instead offered him the gospel. We did not have bread, but offered him the Bread of Life. Not often have we seen such an instantly change in a person, from showing aggression one moment, to meeting Jesus and becoming a winner of souls the very next. After receiving salvation, Gideon brought John and Ingebrigt to his house where his friend Frederick were, and after 3-4 minutes he also came to faith. Then, Gideon brought John, a nine-year old refugee from South Sudan who was an orphan, and he also came to faith! In many ways Gideon reminds us of the young man described in Judges in the Bible, who was frustrated with his life, but had a visit that changed everything for him. Everyone who came to faith were registered with name and phone number for further follow-up.

Gideon, Frederick, John and Ingebrigt outside Gideon's home.

The children

Jesus tells us to let the little children come to him, for the kingdom of God belongs to them (Luke 18:16). I Kenya, as well as other African countries, there are many children out on the streets, and whenever something out of the ordinary takes place, they show up. This is a pictures of some of the children we met.

When we take a count of those who have been saved, we do not count the children, because they may copy the acts of those around them, without having faith themselves. However, God look to their hearts, and he alone knows who have come to faith in Christ.

One of the places we preached, a sports team flocked around us. For a while they “forgot” why there were there, and were busy talking to Ingebrigt and touching his white skin. It was a time of laughter and great joy!

The meetings

Ingebrigt teached at a pastors- and leaders’ conference with more than 80 pastors, bishops and other church leaders. The teaching was well-received, and the listeners took notes so they could share the message in their own churches.

Others would check to see if what was preached was according to the Bible.

At the end of our trip Ingebrigt preached at two Sunday services in Calvary Covenant Center. More than 2000 people attended. Bishop Nyatuka closed up the final meeting, and told the church that this ..was the message the church had been waiting for! We are so grateful to God, that he uses the ministry given to Word of Freedom to bring his inspired word to the nations! 

Some of the attendants at Sunday service.

Pastor John Alusiola and Ingebrigt Hoset outside Calvary Convention Centre.

Closing words

While Ingebrigt was in Nairobi he received several invitations to both Calvary Convention Centre and other churches, to preach at pastors- and leaders’ conferences as well as evangelical campaigns. Before leaving we had already decided on two new trips. This trip to Nairobi was a time of visitation, where people got saved and the people of God got encouraged. We look with excitement for this to be continued!

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