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Kingdom shaken by the gospel of Christ!


After the conference in Badagry (read the mission report here) we traveled to Oni Town in Oguru State for a three-day gospel crusade. “Oni” means “crocodile”, and the people living here worshiped the crocodiles. The crusade was arranged by Pastor Melchizedek Thomas. He and his wife moved from Lagos, the capital in Nigeria, to the district Waterside in Oguru State fourteen years ago to be missionaries. They have planted both a church and a school here. Nigeria is made up from several kingdoms, some small and some larger, and one of these kingdoms was in Waterside. The king's brother was saved through the work of Melchizedek, and he arranged for us to live in the king’s palace during our stay, which was quite enjoyable.


Here is the report of a kingdom shaken by the gospel of Christ.


The gate to the king’s palace in Oni Town, Waterside, Oguru State. Our home during our stay


Akhpinjo saved!

In Africa there are a lot of witchcraft, magic and voodoo. One of the voodoo cults is called Osygbo, and they worship Aiyelala, which are demons from the rivers and lakes. Their head leader was the 62 year old Akhpinjo Horumfumni, who lived in Oni Town, and led all the sorcerers in a large district. He was feared by the people because of his powers. “Akhpinjo” was not his birth name, it was his title, and it means “man killer”. He cursed people so they got killed in car accidents, by suicide, through disease etc. People were also killed in ritual sacrifices to Aiyelala. He could also send evil spirits into people and make them possessed with them, so that they acted as a dog, cat, bird or other creatures for the rest of their lives. This man was the greatest rival of a church being started in Waterside, but he did not succeed.

During the first night of the crusade Akhpinjo came to the meeting, to see what was going on. When he left the meeting he left as a saved man! The gospel of Jesus was so powerful, that the chains binding him to voodoo and to the demons literally fell of him! This was the first time an “Akhpinjo” had been saved. The second night of the crusade his wife got saved, and on the third night he stood up and testified that his entire house would join the church! The following Sunday the ex-Akhpinjo came to church with all of his family.

During the three nights of the crusade, two hundred people received Christ.


On the second night of the crusade we invited the sick ones in the crowd to the front, and somewhere between 150 and 200 came to be prayed for. Instead of laying hands on every single person there, the people were asked to lay their own hand on the sick area of their body. If they had several diseases they were asked to lay both their hands on their head. They did what was asked of them, which testifies of their faith. The next step was to command every sickness, spirit of disease, suffering and torment to leave them.  

After praying, people were invited to share their testimony, and many wanted to tell of their healing. A woman cursed with voodoo was unable to walk, but was instantly healed, and the unclean spirits left her with loud screams. Another woman had been bedridden for three years, and was unable to move her right foot due to severe pain. She was also healed in an instant, and could walk! A third woman suffered from pain from her hip and down in both legs, and came limping to the meeting. After prayer the pain left her, and she could walk like normal. Several others had mighty testimonies of what Jesus had done this night.


The floodgates of heaven opens!

In the part of Oguru State we visited, the rainy season would normally start around new year. When we arrived late in February the rain was still absent, and the lack of it endangered this year's crops. When our third and final meeting was over, and the people were safe at home, the floodgates of heaven opened with lightning, thunder and rain like never before. Everyone knew that this was a sign from heaven, a sign of a mighty breakthrough in Oni kingdom.




People seeking salvation in Oni Town, Waterside, Oguru State


Ingebrigt Hoset, ex-Akhpinjo Horumfumni and his wife

This woman was healed from pain in her hip and down i both legs. She used to limp, but Jesus changed everything!



This woman had been cursed with voodoo, which made her possessed by unclean spirits and unable to walk. She was instantly delivered, and started running around to the cheering of the crowd


She had been bedridden for three years, unable to walk. She felt she had to attend the meeting, and there Jesus met her and gave her back the ability to walk. This pictures shows her first steps in three years!  



Be healed in Jesus name! Without a touch, her chest pain disappeared then and there


Pastor Melchizedek Thomas in front of his home

At the end of the gospel crusade, Melchizedek described the meetings with these three words: success, blessing and breakthrough. Since we left Nigeria, we have received rapports of their continual harvest to the Kingdom of Heaven.




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