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An open door

In April 2012 Ingebrigt Hoset had his second trip to the Philippines this year. The program was two two-day gospel crusades on Mindanao, as well as preaching at the annual conference of the missionary organization “March of Faith”, on the island of Bohol. Two of Ingebrigts sons, Dan and Filip, traveled with him. This would turn out to be a trip that in many ways will be remembered with great gratitude.

Two gospel crusades

Our host, pastor Vicente Barbarona Jr., had for some time planned to start new churches in the villages where we held the evangelical campaigns, and the program was therefore well-organized. God answered the prayers, and to new churches were started as a result of our meetings. The newly saved were orientated about the future ministry, and the news was well received. They were grateful for receiving the gospel, and because of the new churches. Around 420 people surrendered to God during this trip.

Heal the sick

In the Great Commission Jesus told his disciples that “...they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” (Mark 16:18b). The Great Commission ends with the following words: “Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.” (Mark 16:20). The most important preparation before campaigns is to pray and fast. Advertising is also important, and this one was advertised as “Miracle Crusade” through posters and handouts. Many people attend the meetings because of their illnesses. Before they are prayed for, we preach the message of the cross, which is the power of God to salvation. Salvation is the greatest miracle a human being can experience. Healing is a part of our salvation and the finished work of Christ. Here are some testimonies of the people getting healed.

Gina J. Pineno has had a stroke, and suffered from paralysis on her left side. Jesus healed her, and she could move her limbs as before the stroke!

Marcela Nalzaro had impaired vision. Jesus gave him normal eyesight, and he could look better without glasses than with them!

Danilo Miguello was deaf on one ear. In an instant the hearing came back!

March of faith

After the gospel crusades we travelled to Bohol, where Ingebrigt was one of the main speakers at March of Faith’s annual conference in Tagbilaran. March of Faith consists of more than 430 churches and 80.000 members. Every April they arrange this festival in Tagbilaran. Ingebrigt met the leader, Rufaina H. Trigo, in 2011, and was invited to preach at next years festival. It turned out to be powerful meetings, that moved the hearts of the attendants. In the aftermeetings hundreds of pastors and leaders, as well as “regular” believers came forward, surrendering and devoting themselves to God.

Ingebrigt Hoset and Rufaina H. Trigo, the leader of March of Faith.

Hundreds came forwards and surrendered from compromise and sin.


Bohol has many tourist attractions, and it was therefore arranged a sightseeing tour for Filip, Dan and Ingebrigt. First we went to The Chocolate Hills. It consists of 1700 hills that looks like chocolate tops when the grass turns brown during summer. Later we visited a Natural Park where we saw the tarsier, the world’s smallest monkey. Finally we went to a zoo and saw the world’s largest python in captivity, measuring eight metres.

One of the pastors in March of Faith lend us his Hummer. Ingebrigt and Filip enjoying the sightseeing.

Ingebrigt, Vicente, Filip and Dan at The Chocolate Hills.

Filip did not care much for the great python. Once a month it is fed with a 65 kilo pig. Luckily it did not show any signs of hunger when Filip visited, even though it was only 2-3 days before feeding!

Cloosing words

This visit to the Philippines was during easter. And once again we experienced that Jesus has risen from the grave. Hundreds of people, by faith, got a powerful meeting with Him who is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. For us this trip has been an open door, where the Word we preached got spread further than on any previous trip. This door is still open, and we will travel back to the Philippines to preach Christ.

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